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Electrostatic Precipitator System
It is a closed loop air flow system. The Electrostatic Precipitator system adopts electrostatic force to remove the dust particles from exhaust gases. The precipitator protects the air from all airborne particulate contaminant, particularly wet or dry in nature.
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Mantra Filtration Products
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Product Description

We understand recovery of particulate matter (particles) is a major industrial air pollution problem that must be controlled. There is an urge for control devices in every industry due to regulated particulate emission. Electrostatic precipitator is control system for air pollution (ESP's) which handles large gas volume with a wide range of inlet temperatures, pressures, dust volumes and acid gas conditions. Six activities typically take place:
•  Ionization - Charging of particles.
•  Migration - Transporting the charged particles to the collecting surfaces.
•  Collection - Precipitation of charged particles onto the collecting surfaces.
•  Charge Dissipation - Neutralizing charged particles on the collecting surfaces.
•  Particle Dislodging - Removing the particles from the collecting surface to the   
•  Particle Removal - Conveying the particles from the hopper to a disposal point.

Electrostatic Precipitator Systems are well known for its features:
•  Low Pressure Drop.
•  Low sensitivity to high temperature and aggressive gases.
•  High Collecting efficiency well in excess of 99%
•  Low Maintenance.

We also provide required spares for ESP, services for Retrofitting & Revamping of Electro-Static Precipitator.

Spares for Electrostatic Precipitator system:


High voltage support insulators mechanically support and electrically isolate the discharge electrodes from the grounded ESP casing and collecting curtains. Support insulators are designed for high compressive strength to support the loads imposed by the high voltage electrodes and associated framing providing the primary application point for high voltage and located in close proximity to the gas stream. High voltage support insulator design also considers the voltage applied and operating environment. The insulator is suitable for all types of ESP. Several typical insulators for any ESP as follows: Shaft Insulators, Pin Insulators, Bust Duct Insulator, Wall through bushing insulators, Antis way are available.



  (b)Collecting Plates:

Each plate contains electrodes which are positively charged. The plates are placed parallel to the incoming particulate gas .When the particulate gas enters the electrostatic precipitator it is struck with a negative charge electrode, the positively charged plate act as a magnet and pulls the particulate gas to them. Collecting plates are made from rolled steel, welded together in factory to reduce the installation time at the jobsite. These plates have both top and bottom stiffeners and allow better mounting and the ability to deal with more abuse from the rappers.The plates are arranged to form a series of gas passages. There can be anywhere from 30-35 passages inside the electrostatic precipitator shell. The plates are suitable for any ESP.



(c) Discharge Electrode:

The Discharge electrode is the heart of any Electrostatic precipitator and its characteristics are the key to the ESP performance, its annealed copper nails ensure sharp corona points over a long time. This electrode has higher corona generation and lower corona onset voltage as advantages. Discharge electrodes are available with suitable material, style & size for all electrostatic precipitation systems in Straight round Wire, barbed discharge wire, rigid masts, rigid frames, Rigid Spiked Pipes & Spiral wire.




 (d) Migi Rapper coil

The MIGI rapper is a general use rapper that is ideal for most applications. It is capable of delivering strong shearing forces to remove even the most tenacious of dusts from collecting curtains and rigid mast designed high voltage systems.






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