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Pulse Jet Bag Filter System
It provides an economic mode for collection of dust & powdered material for process operations. Excellent performance and high storage capacity have made Pulse Jet Bag Filter popular among clients.
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Mantra Filtration Products
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Product DescriptionPulse Jet Bag Filter

A filter-cleaning apparatus utilizes pulsed air to remove matter collected on first surface of a filter. The pulses are directed at the filter with a controlled shape and time to optimize reverse pulsing. Reverse flow loosens the material which is collected in a hopper on the upstream side of the filter. The collected matter then being combusted in the hopper so that the amount of material collected is minimized. Pulsing occurs while the thermal exhaust flow continues so that operation of the engine is not interrupted. A number of valves may be utilized to clean one or more filters.
Pulse Jet Bag Filter Systems possess features like:
•  High Collecting Efficiency
•  Low pressure drop
•  Economically Designed
•  Low Maintenance & Operative Cost

Spares of Pulse Jet Bag filter:

(a) Filter Bags/Dust Collector Bags.
High quality dust collection conventional bags are available for any OEM style bag house ensures optimum filtration performance. These dust collection conventional bags are made from minutely selected media such as needle felt, monofilament and multi-filament. With the support of filter cages, these are placed in dust collector. Through the top chamber all the solid contaminants get deposited. The particles retained at the outer surface get collected at the bottom by shaking or reverse pulse jetting mechanism. These bags are more effectual in minimizing dust emission level as per industrial needs, possessing filter media like Polyester, Polypropylene, Co-Polymer, Fiber Glass,P-84 etc. with finishes for enhance the performance of bag . Generally, the filter bags are water repellent, water & oil repellent, antistatic, flame retardant, PTFE Coated & Membrane laminated.


(b) Bag Supporting Cages & Venture
Pulse-jet style bag houses are designed to utilize fabric filter bags with internal support structure commonly referred to as cages. Cages provide a means of holding the filter bag open during the particulate collection cycle. It must be strong to withstand the pressure exerted from filter bag during the process.

(c) Pleated Cartridge Filter bags
For increasing an effective filter area significantly, Pleated Cartridge Filter bags are designed. Deeper pleats are allowable media which prevents collapsing of it under operating pressure. This unique design uses staggered dimpling on the filtering side unlike other dimpling patterns, provides unrestricted air flow and pulse cleaning at the extreme ends of the pleats.Typical filter media available for these cartridges are spun bond polyester and polypropylene, PTFE membrane and antistatic (aluminized). 

 We supply bag filters and bag houses with its spare parts which are the most efficient and cost effective dust collector models.


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